Once your Koverly account has been set up, the next step is to add vendors to your workspace. You can search the Koverly network and add vendors known on our platform. Or, if you work with a company that is not currently listed on Koverly, you may add them.

You can add and any vendor that you work with to Koverly - distributors, cleaning services, utilities, etc. - and pay them via ACH or (when available) portal pay.

For vendors with portal pay, the first step is to add them to your account and the second step is to connect to their payment portal through the Koverly dashboard. Learn more about connecting to distributor portals.

To add distributors and other vendors to your Koverly dashboard, follow these steps:

1) Go to the "Vendors" tab located under the "Bill Pay" section of your Koverly account.

2) Make sure you are on the "Network" section of the Vendors tab - this section lists vendors already in the Koverly system

3) Find vendors you work with and click "Add" - this will bring the vendor into your "My" tab, which is where you can see vendors specific to your business

To quickly search vendors by name, click on the magnifying glass at the top to use the search function.

If you would like to add a company that is not in the Koverly network, you may add a new vendor to our system. Simply click "Add Vendor" or the orange circle icon with the +. You will be prompted to search vendors by name and as you type the list of applicable companies will shorten. If no company matches the name you type, you will be given the option to create a vendor.

After confirming the business name, you will be asked to enter the business' payment preference. Here you may choose "Check" and enter the vendor's address for delivery, or you may choose Bank/ACH and enter your bank information (if it does not already exist in your profile). These details will be used for future payments and you can always change them.

Adding vendors to your account will give you a single interface to manage all of your bills. For manually added accounts, you can upload invoice details and schedule payments. When payments are made, this information can automatically sync back into your accounting software.

For vendors with online payment portals, Koverly can automatically pull invoices into your dashboard and enable you to create payment rules for term management, scheduled payments and auto pay. This greatly reduces manual entry for invoice management and payment, saving you even more time and money and minimizing human error.

Learn more about connecting to your distributor payment portals.

Koverly provides free portal payment services to vendors or distributors that wish to offer portal pay. If you have a vendor who may benefit from portal pay, please suggest they sign up for a distributor account at https://app.koverly.com/signup or schedule a demo with our team at https://calendly.com/sales-team-koverly/sales-demo.

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