You may have some or many vendors with payment portals. Koverly can connect to these portals and automatically bring your invoice data into a single workspace - having to toggle between multiple websites to pay your bills can be a thing of the past!

We may have already connected with several vendor portals in your market. If so, supported vendor portals will be listed in the right hand column of your vendor list.

To connect to a portal, you simply need to "Add" the vendor to your dashboard and then connect to that vendor's portal. Have your username and logins for your vendor portals on hand, as this is necessary to pull in your account info.

Step 1) Add vendor

  • Go to "Vendors" under the "Bill Pay" section

  • Click on "Network" to view to the full network available (Note supported distributor portals will be listed on the right, but you need to add them from the Network list)

  • Click "Add"

Step 2) Connect Portal

  • Go to "My" tab in "Vendors" under "Bill Pay" section

  • Find vendor with payment portal and click "Connect"

From here, you will be prompted to enter your username and password for the payment portal selected, so it's a good idea to have this information handy. You will also be asked to choose your account and vendor portal bank from a dropdown.

Once the set up is complete, you will see an indicator next to the vendor detailing the syncing process. Once sync'd, invoices will appear in you dashboard and be payable through the Koverly system.

You may pay vendors with portals via Portal Pay, ACH, check, CC, or Koverly Pay. Koverly's cash back offer in year one only applies to payments made via ACH, check, CC or Koverly Pay. Learn more about Koverly Pay and Koverly Cash Back.

This is a guide to what the icon indicators mean. You can also find this information in you dashboard by clicking the "information" icon on your bills page.

Once you are connected to Distributor portals you will be prompted to sync with the portals every time you log in. This will fetch in the most recent invoice information from those portals and update your dashboard, so it's something you should do every time you log in.

You can also refresh portal information in dashboard at anytime by initiating a manual sync. This is done by clicking the large orange circle w/ a plus sign in the top left corner and selecting "Sync All Invoices."

If you work with distributors that do not currently have a payment portal, but you think could benefit from one. Please encourage them to create an account with us at

to get a free Koverly payment portal.

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