With Koverly, you can schedule payments in advance, set up auto-pay rules or pay on the fly to easily stay on top of your bills and make sure nothing gets missed.

Once bills have been added to your dashboard, either manually or via a payment portal connection, the next step is to schedule your payments. You will need your payment information added to your account to do this, so if you haven't added your payment methods this is the time to do it.

Adding payment methods is quick and easy - simply go to Settings and find the section entitled "Payment methods." When you click on this row, you will be prompted to whichever payment methods you'd like to use. Have your account and routing number hand to add ACH. You may also add credit card or debit card payment methods.

To make payments, go to your inbox in the Bills section of "Bill Pay." Here you can click on one or more bills to make immediate or scheduled payments.

As you click on bills, they will appear in the right hand column.

The date of the payment defaults to the current day. If you would like to schedule a payment for a day in the future, you may change the payment date here.

Simply adjust the "Date of the payments." to schedule payments for a future date.

Once you have your payments selected and schedule dates completed, you will be asked to confirm the type of payment you would like to make for each invoice. If you haven't entered payment method in settings, you will be prompted to add one here.

If payment methods have been added to your account, you will be given a choice of how you would like to pay (eg. ACH, CC, Koverly Pay, or Portal Pay).

The final step is review the details and complete the payment. Once you finish this step, your bill information will move from your inbox to either the "Scheduled" tab or "Paid" tab, depending on the date of payment.

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